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Chapter 7: Topic Blogs Review

Think about your career aspirations, your research interests (senior project, papers for your classes), and your political/religious/philosophical inclinations and interests:

  1. Search for news/commentary blogs (not social, personal journal blogs) that line up with one or more of your interests or pursuits.
  2. Identify three blogs you might actually read on a regular basis. This assumes a few things: quality and style of writing, currency, presentation, point of view, just to name a few.
  3. You must email the topic to me at todd.oneill@mtsu.edu.
  4. To find the blogs, you could use Google’s blog search, http://www.google.com/blogsearch; Alltop, a blog directory, http://alltop.com; or Technorati, http://technorati.com/, a blog search and ranking site.
  5. Prepare a tip sheet for the rest of the class that will look something like this (one entry per blog, three blogs/entries for the assignment):
Blog name or title: TalkingPointsMemo
URL: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com
Author: Josh Micah Marshall
Brief description:

Left-leaning political commentary with an impressive record for accuracy and for beating the media elites on breaking stories. Widely read and commented on, this blog is among the very best nationally at what it does, which is why it was among the first blogs to sell advertising and make a nice little career out of blogging for its author.

Why I like this blog (include why you chose it, what about the blog matches up with your own interests or pursuits):

I like to follow politics, and I like the behind-the-scenes. I distrust the elite media’s handling of the major political parties, so I look for alternate sources of coverage. The Daily Show is fun, and it actually does a good job providing insights into the faults and flaws of the powerbrokers, but it’s purely for fun. Josh Micah Marshall consistently puts meat on bones served up by The Daily Show. As a fellow blogger writes of Marshall’s posts, this blog does “exactly what on-line web journalism is meant to do: Challenge the other guy to go one better. Keeping the competition honest” (http://www.chrisnolan.com/archives/000605.html).

Post the article to your website.


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