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Add a Map using BatchGeo

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BatchGeo is a great service that allows you to import address information from an Excel spreadsheet to create a map with locations. You can also put the locations into groups that are color coded. You can then embed the map into a website.

Here’s a more detailed how-to.

WordPress.com however only likes Google Map embedding. To embed a map after plotting the locations with BatchGeo you first have to export the map’s KML data into a new Google map.

Here’s how to do this.

  1. Follow directions to create a map with BatchGeo.
  2. Save your map.
  3. Name your map.
  4. When your map appears on screen in Batch Geo scroll to the bottom of the page.
  5. Select the Download NAME OF YOUR MAP Google Earth (KML) link. This will download a file to your computer. It should be named something like BatchGeo.KML.
  6. Open Google Maps. (For these next steps you will need a Google account.)
  7. Select the My places button in the left column.
  8. Select the Create Map button.
  9. Name your new map.
  10. Select the Import link.
  11. In the Import KML window select Browse
  12. Find the map file on your computer, select it and then select Open.
  13. Select Upload from File. The map data will be uploaded and you will see your BatchGeo map in Google Maps.
  14. Select the Done button at the top of the column.
  15. Select the chain link icon at the top right of the column.
  16. Copy the embed code in the second text box.
  17. Go to WordPress.com and create a New Post. (This same procedure works for WordPress.com Pages.)
  18. Select the Text tab at the top of the editing area.
  19. Paste your embed code wherever you’d like the map to appear.
  20. Select Save Draft, Publish or Update. The embed code will change slightly.
  21. Select Preview and you will see your map on the page.
  22. If you need to add additional text. images or links to the Post page select the Visual tab.




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