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After you create your WordPress Account

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(Adapted from howtomakeyourblog.com by Marko Servic.)

Clean up the generics

  • Delete the generic “Hello World!” post (In Posts)
  • Delete the generic “Sample Page” page (In Pages)

Fill in “Site Title” and “Tagline” (In Settings > General)

  • You don’t want your site to be branded as “just another WordPress site” (the default tagline)
  • Write your title in “Site Title”
  • Explain what your site is about and why your site is unique in “Tagline”

Make your site visible to search engines (In Settings > Reading > Site Visibility)

  • Make sure your site is visible to everyone, including search engines
  • Your site is visible to search engines by default but it has happened that bloggers ticked this box and were later wondering why search engines didn’t index their sites
  • Make sure the “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” is ticked off

No thanks to email updates (In Settings > Discussion > E-mail me whenever)

  • WordPress notifies you via email when there is a new comment on your site
  • That might be a bit distracting so I change the default option to no emails

Setup social media accounts and other subscription options

  • Create a Twitter profile, a Facebook page, a Google+ page and whatever other social media profile that’s relevant to your audience
  • Set up your social media accounts so you can share your Posts. (In Settings > Sharing)

Get a great looking theme design (In Appearance > Themes)

  • You may not want the WordPress default theme to be your main design theme.
  • Find the theme you like and activate it. Some Themes will cost money.
  • A Theme may allow you to add your own unique header image in Appearance > Header
  • You can change the sidebar elements in Appearance > Widgets. Just drag and drop the ones you want to use and delete the ones you don’t.

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